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Welcome to Gustavo Vierini-Beyond Touches!

This is a download with an entire act to finish a PK Touches routine, or if you prefer, a routine to be done with two spectators.  

On this routine the Mentalist invites two people on stage and after connecting their minds, one of them is totally able to read the other spectator's mind. Again, they become able to pick upon a specific name that is part of someone's life that they've never met before. 

 There's NO PRE SHOW and NO INSTANT STOOGE of any shape or form. 

Gustavo Vierini will teaches you all you need to know to blow people's mind with a solid piece of Real and Strong Mentalism.  

"Beyond Touches creates a fantastic climax to any Touches routine. Gustavo has combined a number of clever ideas and has added numerous subtleties to make this a very strong feature routine that will amaze your audiences." 
 Marc Paul 

"This is a great ending for a PK Touch routine! It combines well known techniques with some nice original twist in it"
Luca Volpe - The Italian Mentalist  

Gustavo has done a wonderful job on this. It really dives deep with everything needed to add to ones pro show. It's a definite winner.
Bobby Motta  

"Clever and solid mentalism routine with a devious handle of the reality. A subtle and genius balance fusing psychological principles and handling to end up in a true MENTAL MIRACLE. That's a keystone to get a solid reputation for those adopting it. Simply genius, genially simple. 
This is a Mentalist Dream come true." 
El Gran Bronzini  

"Beyond Touches is a fantastic added moment to any PK Touches routine (or any two-participants routine) that looks like the real thing. Gustavo's approaches and delicacy in scripting and technique is superb and a lesson to anyone working with subtle psychological and verbal principles" 
Pablo Amirá
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